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Boldomatic offers a wide range of powerful tools and services to help your brand engage your audience through the use of our technology and community.

Sponsored Missions

Our creative writers are ambitious, competing for likes, shares and followerships. Boldomatic’s Weekly MIssion is the primary
battlefield on our network. We feature random subjects on a weekly basis and the writers submit relating posts aiming
for top-popularity to get exposure, fame and the chance to win one of our prices.

Boldomatic offers your brand the possibility to sponsor a Weekly Mission. Get our community of creative writers engaged with your brand and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Boldomatic Sponsored Contests, PDF, 5 MB

Integrate with Boldomatic

It’s easy to integrate a post, a series of posts, setup custom branding, or allow your audience to post to your channel. Sharing to other networks is automatic, and engaging the growing Boldomatic community with your brand is natural.

Boldomatic Brand Tools Channel Guide, PDF, 2 MB

Boldomatic Brand Tools Campaign Guide, PDF, 4 MB

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