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Choose me or loose me
Knowing it, and believing it are two different things.
"Close the window that hurts you
No matter how beautiful the view is."
   The key to happiness

          lies in gratitude.

Some like it hot,
others like it cold.
I like it bold.
Saw you nude at the party; 
you were kissing the host-
Saw you bury the body;
and dance with her ghost.

Man darf jetzt aber auch wirklich nicht alles so schlecht reden, wie 
es tatsächlich ist.

"It cuts you deep and leaves a scar Things fall apart,
but nothing breaks like a Heart..."
a lie for a lie is just rewards, truth goes with truth, but only to those who deserve your trust
Do the work, 
it's going to be ok

Having kids makes you realize how dump your lies used to sound to your parents.
I wish to clarify: I am NOT anti-religion. I just bear a very low tolerance of those who would choose to use faith as a forward shield for political or monetary gain.

Focus on you until the focus is on you.
there's no country
it is not hard to do
no need to kill or die for

john lennon was right
I live in constant fear of accidentally mentioning

I only know about you because l've stalked you on the internet.

 I've more cats than books!

                 Lie or truth?!
only women can listen to their heart - because they have no penis.
Give us today our daily indoctrination.
We should always
             be asking ourselves:

“Is this something that is, 
    or is not, in my control?"

Es ist geboten, Transmenschen zu akzeptieren, so wie sie sind. Also Menschen, die sich selbst nicht akzeptieren, wie sie sind. Komisch...

Für mich darf jeder leben, wie er will. Aber dass es nötig sein soll, für eine verschwindend kleine Minderheit bewährte, kulturelle Traditionen über Bord zu werfen, wie etwa eine schöne, ausdrucksstarke und auch identitätsstiftende Sprache, das erscheint mir ziemlich krank.
Long ago, among other lies they were taught that silence was bravery.

I agree with everything you say, ever said, will say, think, thought and will ever think of
              Life is

 a terminal illness.
"The border is secure" 

Frkn delusional

Some like it hot,
others like it cold.
I like it bold.

Orgasm       vs.      Boldgasm:

Messy                                  Clean
Over and gone          Lives on
May be tedious                  Fun  Distracting            Enthralling
Same-ness                    Unique
Boring                            Exciting
Isolating                      Inclusive
Regrets                   Delete key.
#boldgasm can provide hours of enjoyment with little or no chafing!
Top 10% own 90% of the world's wealth!

“im fine” is the biggest lie ive told my whole life...
The older I get
the more I realize 
the value of 
staying low-key, 
cultivating your circle, 
and only letting 
certain people in. 
You can be honest and real 
while keeping in mind 
that not everyone 
deserves a seat 
at your table.
I'm a ride-or-die for friends kinda person. Except on Sundays. Or anything after 2pm, or during winter.
Heal the root so the tree is stable.

The average adult has had sex innumerable times more than they have formed an opinion of their own.
If you don't have a seat at the table, you are likely an item on the menu
I have 
my 2023 
will start on
1st February.
is just a free,
trial month.

Life is a process during which one initially gets less and less dependent, independent, and then more and more dependent.
Neulich aus dem Lautsprecher im Wartezimmer:

'Leider verbietet uns der Datenschutz Sie namentlich aufzurufen.
Als nächstes bitte der Herr mit der Erektionsstörung...'

I respect the moons unwillingness to be photographed on a phone...
my memories of you are so much more interesting than you!
"Lies" by J.J. Cale 

You told me this, you told me that
You try to tell me, tell me where it's at
You said you loved me, I can see through that
Lies, lies, lies

You left me hangin', hangin' from a limb
You said you loved me, then you left with him
Lord, you did it to me, I see it in your eyes
Lies, lies, lies

Tell me baby, why you take my time
You get a thrill off playing with my mind
Lord, you did it to me, I see it in your eyes
Lies, lies, lies
will the real you step back please
In hindsight, the Nazis did not go down in history as 'kind' by being carefree and  
not asking questions about their psychopathic leaders. 

It ended with trials at the Nuremberg, which is where the transhuman movement will end up. Transing the gay away by mutilating children isn't kind

Let kids be kids

Let grown ups take care of them and keep them from harming themselves.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Carl Gustav Jung

Gratitude improves activity in dopamine circuits. The benefits of gratitude start with the dopamine system, because feeling grateful activates the brain stem region that produces dopamine.


a real tragedy is when humans are afraid of the light

It's not illegal. It's just frowned upon. Like masturbating on an airplane.
laundry today 
naked tomorrow
You look like something 
I draw with my left hand.
There is a big difference between a guy and a girl saying,

"I went through an entire box of tissues during that movie."
Whenever I delete an app on my phone, 
the shaking icons make me feel like they're all panicked over who's getting axed •
My doctor asked if anyone in my family was suffering from mental illness. I said; "no, we all seem to enjoy it"

If I wanted to kill myself I would climb your ego and jump to your IQ.

With the right music, you either forget everything or you remember everything
I love waving at random people,  because you know for the rest of the day they're trying to figure out who the hell you were.

If your religion is worth killing for, please start with yourself
Voices in your head - normal

Listening to them - common

Arguing with them - acceptable

Losing the argument - BIG PROBLEM
i just burnt my tongue on some food 

they say the ones you love hurt you the most


Adam and Eve were the first people to agree to the Apple terms and conditions without reading them.
Sun goes down earlier for short people.

If you think the things I say out loud are bad, you should hear the things I keep to myself.
justice is
a beautiful concept.
unicorns too.
I wanted to write down exactly what I felt but somehow the paper stayed empty 

and I could not have described it any better
Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.
10% of conflicts are due to differences in opinion. 

90% are due to wrong tone of voice.
I like to be alone. 
But I would rather be alone with you.
in love
with you,

but you
don't exist.